Authentic & Impactful Speaking

a workshop for speakers, presenters, & facilitators looking to present in a grounded, confident, and connected way.

Curated by yasmin Marrero
June 5th, 2021 1pm-2:30pm CT

100% of presentations are made to educate, inform, and/or entertain. Conventionally, these presentations are structured with slides to deliver information and leave little room for authentic connection. Whether online or in-person, it's reinforced that through logical delivery of information, we will achieve one of the three objectives that we set out for.

But let's be real, how many talks have you felt enriched or inspired by with this approach? Has this approach allowed you as a speaker to feel ease and attuned, or overwhelmed and disconnected?

This conventional approach creates a disconnection between us (speakers), the audience, and the content. Without authentic, grounded connection, we miss the opportunity to impact our audience and honor our connection to the content.

Instead of continuing the cycle of disconnection, I am offering you a different approach that centers synergy between you (speaker), the audience, and the content. Through this synergy, you will feel authentically attuned and impactful as you present, allowing felt-sense of connection and dynamic presence for all to experience in-person and virtually. Authentic & Impactful Speaking is a workshop that will leave you with the tools and practices to make this your reality.

who is this for?

Facilitators. Presenters. Speakers. Business owners. Leaders & Community builders. The person always putting together a powerpoint. Folks who deliver pitches or presentations about something they care about. People who want to do a TED talk one day. Community organizers. Public Speakers. Movers & Shakers. & all the folks in between.

what should i expect?

we will dive into how to truly create synergy between you, the audience, and the content in a way that feels grounded and dynamic for all involved. in the workshop, expect unconventional approaches and activities that will allow you to not only know how to create synergy, but activate the felt-sense of being able to do so. you will take away tools and practices to integrate with every presentation, talk, or workshop, with and without slides.

This will not be a prescriptive, lecture-style talk with an "one-only-way" approach.

what do people say after participating?

“The knowledge that was shared and the approach was transformative. It brought to light how much I was doing too much in my presentations. Since the workshop, I revised a presentation I've given several times to refine and give space to the audience. After delivering, I received a call from the organizer to share how amazing the presentation was and how different it felt. And they immediately booked me to give again. This is a direct result of the gift of Yasmin and her approach. Her insights, observations and questions have created great shifts for me. Can't say enough how any level of engagement with her and her work is incredible”

— Dana Escamilla, Website Design + Brand & Marketing Strategy at Stargazer

Ready to invest in becoming an authentic & impactful speaker?

I have modeled this exchange rate based on a sliding scale model by Alexis Cunningfolk with gratitude to Toi Smith for introducing it to me. There is a brief rundown for choosing in the next page. I trust you will choose what is in honor of you, me, and this work I am offering. Thank you in advance!

Exchange for live session: $60-100
Exchange for live session and recording: $115-175

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